Puréed Tomato and Red Pepper Soup Recipe (2024)

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Cooked rice? The recipe does not call for already cooked rice.

Theresa SF Bay Area

Fantastic and delicious, even though I used jarred peppers (they had to be used). There were four of them, and made for a nice pepper/tomato balance in the finished soup.


Benefits a lot from added salt, pepper, basil & parmesan at serving time. And don't skip the puréeing: it also improves the flavour.


Really enjoyed the soup - although I will either decrease the tomatoes or increase the peppers for the peppers to stand out more.


Here is the link to Martha Rose Shulman's article about roasting the peppers:https://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/22/health/22recipehealth.html?ref=peppers

Hannah Rose

Potato instead of rice, extra bell peppers


I make this soup often, in large quantities. It freezes really well. I skip the rice and add creme fresh or sour cream to thicken (after puréeing).It also serves very well cold!

Karen L Davis

I had a problem with the rice not being entirely cooked at the end of the 30 minute cooking time. Even in the blender it didn't smoothe entirely :(


After reviewing the comments below I went ahead and used 4 peppers for this soup which created a great balance. Highly recommended. It was delicious!


"Roast the peppers as directed"Directed where ?

Joanne Peterson

This is now our favorite "tomato" soup. The rice works well as a thickener for us since my husband can't eat gluten. I use any kind of rice I have on hand since it is pureed, fresh or frozen tomatoes, and I've also used a homemade chicken broth. This is a little work with roasting the peppers, but worth the effort.


Just made this. It's delicious and easy. I might drizzle in a little good balsamic vinegar when I serve it. Highly recommend.

Dell Brown

A great twist on tomato soup. I doubled the amount of bell pepper for a better tomato/pepper balance. Does well with a sour cream garnish too. If you use rice, stir frequently to avoid burning (it falls to the bottom of the pot). Delicious.


It was a delicious soup for a rainy day. We increased the amount of red pepper and used chicken broth instead. I agreed it needs more salt and pepper. It is a favourite now!

Mary Pickens

Very good soup! I love the fact that it freezes well. Cooking For two people is made easier if a portion of a recipe can be frozen for later use. I like the fact that the soup is not loaded with rich cream as so many tomato soups are. Basil and a bit of Parmesan are perfect for a topping.


Didn't have peppers but did have TJ's roasted pepper pesto and added a few generous tablespoons. Wow! So flavorful.


Next time I'll reduce the amount of water added, I prefer a slightly thicker soup. Otherwise, this is a very good recipe. I think the flavor balance is good between the peppers and tomatoes.


Great Recipe! Didn't add rice and just cooked it down a bit. Also minced the basil leaves and left them in, and add some more before serving.

used this as a guide: modifications

First time cooking modifications:2 celery stalks1 carrot1 white onionWhole head of garlic3 lbs vine tomatoes quartered & roasted (8 tomatoes)2 red peppers roasted6 cups real chicken stock8ish basil leavesQuarter of a lemon juiceNo tomato paste


Used fresh tomatoes and jarred roasted peppers - otherwise made as written. Delicious. Yielded a half gallon + of thick soup - can thin it to serve.


I see this on a lot of recipes -- cautionary instructions on how to purée the hot soup in small batches to avoid getting burned or sending hot soup flying. Why not let the soup cool before puréeing it, then re-heat to serve?


I made this as part of a nostalgic tomato soup and grilled cheese lunch. If I make again, I will omit the cinnamon and add more basil. I also will add more water or stock—it seemed too thick to me, although my husband liked it.


Tried this recipe because I LOVE Pacifica's Red Pepper Tomato Soup and thought the carrot added in this one would give the sweetness of their soup. The flavor is definitely good. I added an additional red pepper and omitted the rice because I was making this to stick with 21 Day Fix. I added a little plain no fat Greek yogurt into my bowl and mixed it in to help thicken it. Next time I might use jarred roasted red peppers to make sure all the skin is off the peppers.

helen l

The soup is absolutely perfect as is. The diced tomatoes were hard to find at the store. I found them in the fancy Italian section The cinnamon makes itI didn’t remove the basil. It disappeared when I puréed it in a blenderLooking forward to taste testing it from the freezer


Oopsie. Used a 14.5 oz can of tomatoes by mistake and a little extra pepper because they were small. It’s a keeper that way. Loved the cinnamon.


Made in January 2023Omit the cinnamon. Hated the flavor.Used 3 fresh red peppers, blackened on flame. Use 4 next time.Tossed a few Parm rinds into the pot.Topped with crispy, lacy gruyere croutons. and a sprinkle of grated Parm. A sprinkle of crispy sautéed Proscuitto or Parma Ham would be good.


This has become of favorite in my house. I make quadruple the recipe and freeze a few quarts.


This soup is delicious. I used three peppers that I had on hand, red orange and yellow. Roasted 25 min at 450. I didn’t have fresh basil so I used dried, added dried oregano, tarragon, and red pepper flakes as well. Otherwise followed the recipe exactly and it’s delightful. Fresh parm on top really elevates the flavors. Yum!

Darlene C.

Excellent. I used the sugar and added a little half and half. I used rosemary instead of basil but needed to use more. Added a little cocoa ala my chili trick.


This is delicious. I’ve been making tomato soup similar to this, including the rice, for years, but without roasted red peppers. Like others have mentioned here, I’ll be adding a total of 3 or 4 roasted red peppers the next time because their flavor in this soup is simply divine. I didn’t use cinnamon, and I didn’t discard the basil sprigs - they got puréed into the rest of the soup. Don’t shy away from roasting the red peppers yourself, it's insanely easy to do, and better than jarred.

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Puréed Tomato and Red Pepper Soup Recipe (2024)
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