Coconut-Miso Salmon Curry Recipe (2024)

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To everyone asking "where's the curry" or "how much curry," the term curry doesn't refer to a specific spice blend, but rather to a style of food in some aromatic sauce that goes with rice or bread. In some curries, the flavors are cumin, coriander, turmeric, etc - in this one, they're ginger, garlic, basil, and miso. There are about a million types of curry, and no two taste exactly the same.


This was quick, easy, and delicious! Big thanks to all the notes here—I followed others’ suggestions and used a full can of coconut milk, about 1 C water, doubled the garlic & ginger, and threw in some lime zest. I also used bok choy instead of spinach because it’s all I had on hand, and it was great. I added the bok choy about 1 minute before the salmon, which I then cooked for 4 mins. I’ll do the same next time I make this, which will be soon!


Whole family loved it. Some changes:1) Inc the garlic & ginger a bit - personal preference 2) Add a few dashes of curry powder while I sautéed onions, adds a little complexity - also preference. 3) Deglazed the pan w a splash of white wine after the miso was done - this really brought the miso together w/ the other ingredients for me 4) Inc the coconut milk as others suggested to 1 - 1 1/4 cup. Brought liquid up to only 3c total w water. 5) Used 1lb Patagonian scallops - so good in this!


In light of other notes I used only 2 cups of water and otherwise followed all the instructions exactly. It has a delicious but mild flavor and was a big hit. I think the key is caramelizing the miso; all of a sudden at about the 2 minute mark as instructed the pan started to smell wonderfully when that started to happen. If you add the liquid too soon it’s easy to see that this could fall flat.


One of the few recipes I crave enough to make over and over again. After several tries, I've learned the best adjustments are 1) use the whole can of coconut milk, 2) use less water (I just refill the coconut milk can from the tap), and 3) add some heat, like a glug of sriracha. The first two are essential, the third is personal preference.If your fish comes with skin, make sure to remove it first (or better yet have your fish monger do it).


This 👏 is 👏 amazing 👏. (If for some reason emojis don’t go through, there are claps in there for emphasis.) My boyfriend was so worried about liking this and then couldn’t stop complimenting it! Everything comes together so perfectly. I used light coconut milk (1 c to 2 c water), upped the ginger and garlic for more pungency and was liberal with the fresh herbs at the end. Added broccoli and green beans for additional greens. Is it shameful to lick the bowl?


I added 2 tsp curry powder, doubled the ginger, changed the liquid to about a cup of water and a can of coconut milk (full fat) and threw in a sliced jalapeño. It was delicious. We’ll make this all the time.


Tasty and very easy. Definitely reduce the amount of water and increase the coconut milk 1:1 would have probably tastes much better. Too watery with 3 cups


I couldn’t find white miso, only brown miso. Obviously changed the color of the dish, but it worked fine. Also, I reduced the sauce for an additional 10 minutes before I cooked the salmon. It made the flavor of the sauce much more concentrated and delicious.


I really enjoyed this easy curry. My changes: I added 1 tbsp. fish sauce, used Thai basil instead of Italian basil, and used 1 cup coconut milk and 1.5 cups water for the liquid. In addition to adding the herbs and lime juice at the end, I also topped the finished dish with sliced red fresno chile to add some heat. I served the curry over cilantro rice. A tasty and fast weeknight dinner.


So delicious! Added some fresh lemongrass I picked up today, plus extra garlic and ginger and it was great! Make sure you really caramelize the miso really well, to the point where it has darkened in colour and has caramelized the bottom of the pan. I find this is closer to five minutes than two. Be careful of the salt with this as the miso is very salty as it is. Really convenient and flavourful dinner!


Loved this. After reading a lot of notes, I decreased the water by half. Next time, I will go down to a cup or so and increase the coconut milk to 1 1/2 cups. Also increased the ginger and garlic. Added red pepper flakes to give a bit of heat. Next time I will add a minced pepper in the first step. The lime juice at the end is necessary. Adds a nice fresh note.


Just made this for the third time using frozen wild salmon (coho? sockeye? Not king) from Costco. I used a whole can of coconut milk, and replaced the 3 cups of water with a coconut milk can full of shrimp stock I had in the freezer, and added a dash of red pepper flakes. Absolutely delicious. Using the stock made the biggest difference, increasing the depth of flavor to a whole new level. It was very rich with the whole fat coconut milk. I think it would be fine with light.


Fantastic! Great notes all - upped the ginger/garlic, added a sprinkle of curry powder, used bottled lime juice, full can coconut and one cup water, and hit it with some sriracha. Really good - keeper, want to try this with frozen shrimp as 1.5 lbs of salmon is expensive!


Additions & Adjustments: I added 1 Tbsp. Curry, 1 cup of full-fat coconut milk, 3/4 cup water, 2 serrano chilis-diced, 1 cup diced bell pepper, 2 diced baby boy choy, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, 5 oz. fresh spinach. End result is a richer, bolder flavor of coconut curry.


Good recipe as written. Made with other’s ideas and becomes phenomenal.- add a tsp or so of curry powder to your onions while sautéing- I added a jalapeño to the onion mix and the heat works well with the overall flavor profile- deglazed after caramelizing the miso with some white wine- used the full ~14 oz can of coconut milk 2 cups chicken stock as all my liquid and it seemed an appropriate amount of broth at the end.


Simply.. awful. Way too much water, and imo none of the flavours work with each other. Truly the worst dish i've cooked in a long time.


One of my new favorites. Quick and easy. I agree with everyone - one can of coconut milk and 1 cup of water is all you need. I also added Thai red curry paste, siracha and a little bit of cayenne pepper to make it spicy.


So easy and delicious! Didn’t have white miso so used red and used slightly less than a full 1/4 cup. I read the reviews ahead of time and used a full cup of coconut milk and cut the water down to 1 cup. Splashed some dry white wine in to deglaze the pan following the miso. This would be amazing with any white fish too like cod or scallops.


Almost no flavor, truly disappointing.


Love this recipe so much!!! Used what I had on hand, nol choy, asparagus and shrimp, added some chile crisp, and served over rice vermicelli noodles, perfect.


Notes from others were spot on! - load up on the herbs - double garlic and ginger - 1 and 1/4 coconut milk 1:1 water- deglaze miso with some white wine Skip the spinach, wanted to add bok choy but forgot. Next time!

easy weeknight meal, add more ginger

It’s a simple recipe that still has some depth. I did think it needed a bit of a bite to it — would recommend more ginger than it calls for, maybe throw in a pepper if you want!

doube maybe triple the lime, add jalepeno, more salt and pep during onion sweating

Herbs in early


1 cup coconut milkUse fresh ingredients for tasteDont skimp on ginger and saltLotsa salmon, at least 4 filets


Oh dear, well I won't be making that again! I think the miso ruined it for me. Perhaps just a Tbsp instead of 1/4 cup would have suited me better. I guess I'm not a big fan of miso.

Kim M

Really wonderful flavors. I followed others' instructions and used 1 can coconut milk 1:1 with water. Also added a little curry powder and some green beans. Delicious! Will definitely make again and again.


Needs one cup of coconut milk. Use fresh ingredients for taste. Dont skimp on ginger and salt. Lots of salmon, at least four fillets.


Def needs more garlic and ginger. Experiment with curry paste too. Amp up the flavor! Whole cat coconut milk, 1 cup water seems enough.

Lexi Gulbranson

Used 1 can coco milk and 1 can h20 with 1 tbsp sweet potato starch1 tbsp yellow curry pasteMandolined yam x 1 sautéed with onion

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Coconut-Miso Salmon Curry Recipe (2024)
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