Pressure Cooker Lentil Soup With Sausage Recipe (2024)

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I don't have a pressure cooker but this recipe looks too good to pass up. I'll just follow the directions but use my enameled dutch oven and adjust the Step 3 cooking time. I'll bring the lentils to a boil and then simmer them covered for 50 minutes to an hour.

Chris from SF

Good; could be better. Thoughts on my first attempt:— It took more like 15 min to brown the sausage. Might make more sense to brown sausage, set aside, deglaze pot with moisture from onions, deglaze again w/wine, & add back sausage.— 8 cups of stock is way too much; this would be the right volume for stovetop. I used 6 and the soup is still too thin. Could be rectified by cooking down for a while, but next time I'll just use 4–5 cups.— 10 minutes PC may be too long for wee 'caviar' lentils


I would recommend halving the amount of stock instead. This worked perfectly for me tonight. Unfortunately I've found that cooking longer in the Instant Pot doesn't decrease the amount of liquid at the end, because it's not really losing any during the process. Definitely the hardest part of Instant Pot cooking for me.

Great Falls Writer

I always have a bottle of white vermouth on hand. It is stable and lasts when opened, unlike white wine, and cooks pretty much the same. For some delicate dishes it would not work I guess, but for something like this it seems to do fine.


I halved and made in my Instant Pot Mini. I added carrots and used sweet Italian chicken sausage. I added in frozen spinach at the end for the greens.Delicious, and perfect for our present home-bound situation.


Just made this with a 6 quart Instant Pot. Definitely go with 4 cups stock - or easier: use 1 whole quart of stock that comes in a box, a little less than 4 cps but no waste! I then added another 1 cup of water at the very end to adjust to stew-consistency. Didn't have red wine vinegar so opted with 2/3 tablespoon balsamic and a bit of lemon juice. Used a bag of dried green lentils and came out delicious!

Note to self: Read the notes!

I would increase the amount of lentils, decrease the amount of sausage a make it a bit thicker and less meat dominated.


I wonder if a 6 QT InstantPot is big enough? Almost 9 cups of liquid?


This was absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to make it again, BUT I will definitely have it in the Instant Pot longer than 10 minutes next time. It definitely was not thick enough following the directions and I needed to leave it in sauté for an additional 10 minutes after adding to spinach and vinegar to get it to the right consistency. I’m hoping to avoid having to do this with more high pressure time.


Excellent recipe. I made this stove top and left out the greens as I had none in the house. Had fresh black lentils and only cooked them 15-20 minutes. Strongly suggest making one day and serving the next or even two or three days later as flavors blend wonderfully. My wife is not crazy about pulses, but she really liked these lentils.


This seems to already *be* an Instant Pot recipe -- they just didn't use the brand name "electric pressure cooker" is another name for Instant Pot.

Jason Reid

White beans would be a classic pairing with sausage & greens, but the cooking time would be increased a bit.

Michael Edwards

This is excellent, especially on a cold winter night. I followed the recipe exactly; used puy lentils, mild pork sausages and spinach. I'd recommend a bit more time before releasing the pressure, 10 minutes or so. And this is a lot of soup. Six generous servings.

Julie Ring Aguilar

This is so good! Easy to make and everyone loved it. I didn't have the leafy greens this time but I did add a few handfuls of egg noodles after removing the lid.


Me, too — no pressure cooker, electric or otherwise — so I'll follow Tintern's (Abbey?) lead.


When NYT Cooking states 6 servings, how much is considered a serving? Is a serving always a cup? Knowing how much is in a serving helps make the nutritional information more helpful.


Tasty, but could cut back on the white wine - 1/4 cup would be fine.


Added carrots, used sherry cooking wine, 28 oz can of tomatoes because that’s what I had, and generous cups of lentils. Delicious!

Gerry in Tucson

Read notes from other readers and cut back on liquid (6 cups) , lentils (1 cup) otherwise as written with the addition of a dried, smoked chipotle. Sausage was a smoked Spanish type, greens - chard. Cooked on stove top because I was pottering in the kitchen anyway. Delicious. Took less than an hour. Will definitely make this or a variation of again.


Used green lentils in place of beluga since they were easier to find. If you make this substitution then 8 cups of chicken stock is accurate!

Amity MB

This was excellent! I even enjoyed having the leftovers for a few days afterward. Would absolutely make this again.


Delicious. Added a cup or so of additional stock after pressure cooking.

Gorge Cooker

OUTSTANDING. Made as written with the exception of adding 1 cup of shredded carrots to the hot soup in the Instant Pot at the very end of the cooking process. I did not add the greens to the soup in the pot, instead I added the greens to individual bowls and ladeled the soup on top. The greens wilted nicely. Remember the red wine vinegar, it adds a depth of flavor and puts this soup over the top.

Thom from Maine

Used an Instant Pot with sweet Italian sausage and kale. Excellent flavor and texture. Cut the stock to 5 cups, based on other reviews. Cooking time was right on for my 6 qt pot. Will make again!


I doubled the kale and otherwise followed the recipes. This was wonderful.


Made this for the first time while taking in mind the notes left here by others, which is to say that I reduced the meat and chicken stock. One of these was a great note, the other was terrible.- do NOT reduce the meat in the recipe, we were greatly lacking protein and everyone needed far more lentils to make up for it.- reducing chicken stock, however, made this a perfect lentil liquid level. We used 6 cups.


Was delicious! After reading other reviews I reduced the broth by 2 cups, and it was perfect. Great recipe!

First Time Making these

I made this on the stovetop with a few adjustments as suggested by others- browned the sausage then deglazed with the onions and then again with the wine before adding back the sausage.I only had brown lentils around so used those. Boiled them for 40 minutes on the stovetop. Came out great!

PJ Taranta

Absolutely Delicious! My family loved it, I will be making this again!


Northern Virginia: I had to search for beluga lentils. Found at Mom's Organic Market, and I was surprised to see how TINY they are. Had never encountered these lentils before. Made recipe exactly as written (in Instant Pot). Added collard greens at end. Lovely soup for an early October evening.

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Pressure Cooker Lentil Soup With Sausage Recipe (2024)
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