How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (2024)

Although the goal of this 2300 or so-word long post is to show you how to make a buzz cut look good, I’ll say this from the get-go: the ONE thing that will make your buzz cut look good is your attitude.

Obviously, looking “good” with a buzz cut has a lot to do with your facial structure. But not just that. In some cases, a shaved head can make a woman look even more attractive than she already is (hello, Lera Abova).

But in most cases, YOU make the buzz cut look good, not the other way around.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (1)

So, how do you make a buzz cut look good, you might ask?

Well, there are things you do that make a buzz cut (and yourself) look more (or less) attractive. And after experimenting with my shaved head for 3 years and observing other bald women around me, I’ve noticed a few things that can make you attractive with a buzz cut, beyond just your facial features.

Here are 14 things that make a buzz cut look good

In general, I believe bold(er) choices work better for a buzz cut (vs softness). By this, I mean bolder, more accentuated features, angles, contrasting colors (like black and white), etc.

However, you will (hopefully) notice that this is only my opinion and I encourage you in this post to “do you”.

Side note #1: I’ll be showing pictures of both men and women here because… why not?).

Side note #2: I’ve already talked about many of the things I mentioned here in another post. But that article gets sooo much engagement, and I receive sooo many questions and comments, I wanted to address a few of them here.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (2)


In case I didn’t say it enough, the ONE thing that makes your buzz cut ugly is not owning up to it.

If you keep trying to make yourself invisible, hunching down, avoiding eye contact at all costs, and acting like you don’t deserve to walk on this earth… people will reflect this image right back to you.

And you will look ugly with your buzz cut.

Whether your buzz cut objectively looks good or not is irrelevant. What matters is your attitude towards it. How you carry yourself.

It’s almost like “make believe”, but it works.

Stand straight, mind your posture, and wear your shaved head, outfit, personality (etc) with confidence, and others will follow.

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2. Experiment with lengths and styles until you find what works for you

A buzz cut is not a one size fits all thing. You have to figure out what length, shape, color, and style of cut work best for you.

And you figure this out by actually trying things out.

Don’t worry. If your buzz cut turns out to be an epic fail… it’s a buzz cut! It grows fast and you can redo it all over again in 2-3 weeks.

In the meantime, you can hide the disaster under a beanie or a cute hat.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (3)

3. Accessorize and experiment with hats and beanies

Nothing looks cooler in my opinion than a buzz cut with a beanie.

So, if you are feeling a bit shy about your hair, experiment with scarves, hats, beanies, etc.

And if they don’t “work” with your face, then just wear your head out.

Head high, remember?

4. Clear skin

Do you know what makes a buzz cut look good? Clear, healthy-looking skin.

It’s (almost) as important as point #1.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (4)

I share my ultra-minimalist and natural skin-care routine here. But whatever works for you, take the time to do it.

Good skincare is important in general, but perhaps even more with a buzz cut.

5. Accentuate elements of your face: lips, eyes, eyebrows

Since you can no longer hide behind your hair, now is time to enhance the different elements of your face.

Emphasize your eyes, eyebrows, and lips to give your face more character. Make them “darker” if possible, to create more contrast.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (5)

Use brow perfectors such as brushes, brow pencils, or brow gels… Try out bold lipstick or at least go for a tinted lip. Apply a touch of mascara. Even clear mascara makes a difference and opens up the eyes.

6. Play with contrasting shapes, colors…

When you shave your head, your body suddenly becomes a canvas you can play with. Like art. All the attention you used to put on your hair now goes to the “ensemble”.

Sky’s the limit.

Experiment with contrasting shapes (hats, shoulder pads), colors (as mentioned in point #5, or with clothes), textures, etc.

7. Wear clothes that fit your body

It doesn’t really matter what you wear as long as you wear things that fit you and work with your body shape.

Take the time to learn about fit and proportions, and learn to dress according to your body.

It may sound superficial to go learn about clothes, but honestly, if you constantly feel gauche or uncomfortable in your skin and your clothes… then do take the time to learn about these things.

If you don’t know where to start, this video is great.

You’re welcome.

8. Perform regular maintenance on your hair

A buzz cut is not as low maintenance as you might think. I mean, it is. But you still have to maintain it and probably more often than you think.

In order to keep your buzz cut looking good and fresh, take the time to visit your barber regularly. Or learn how to give yourself a refresher cut and do it regularly (probably every 2-3 weeks).

9. Dare to try the full head shave

I mean. Why not?

Remember when I said that in general, boldness tended to work better with a buzz cut? Well, there you go.

A full head shave could make your buzz cut look even better. Try it.

10. Style your buzz cut

Wait… Whaa? You can style a buzz cut?

Of course you can. And if you want to make your buzz cut look good, you should style it.

I shared my styling routine here (works probably best on black or curly hair, though). But there are so many ways you can get creative with a shaved head! Try colors, fades, zig-zags…

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (6)

11. Show some skin

This is not a rule, by any means, but I do feel like my buzz cut looks better when I show some skin versus when I wear, like, a turtleneck for example.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (7)

Then again, this probably depends on so many factors. Like the fact that turtlenecks probably don’t suit me that much.

I just don’t think I look that good in a turtleneck, but you probably do!

12. The power of the basic tank

Do you know what makes a buzz cut look good? A basic white tank top. That’s it!

It’s all you need.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (8)

13. Jewelry (?)

Jewelry can add spark to your look.

In all honesty, I don’t necessarily like jewelry with a shaved head, more specifically big necklaces and earrings. I often feel like the proportions are off.

But sometimes it works. I guess it depends on the person?

Funny thing is, I actually wear jewels a lot more since having shaved my head ( I know, I just said I don’t like it), BUT I wear mostly rings and bracelets.

On the rare occasions I wear necklaces, I go for the long, discreet ones that highlight my tiny boobs 🙂

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (9)

14. Be okay with who you are

The bottom line is: be okay with who you are, accept and love yourself no matter how long or short your hair is, the type of clothes you wear, or how you relate to the concept of “being a woman”.

You are probably here, reading this because you think that shaving your head or having no hair makes you “less”: less pretty, less of a woman, less sexy…?

You are not less ❤️ You are fully and entirely YOU.

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How to look feminine with a buzz cut?

This is an interesting question and I want to address it.

But in order to do that, we need to ask the million-dollar question:

What does it mean to be a feminine person?

I did a search on Pinterest for “feminine”. Floating in an ocean of pastel colors, two of the words that come up the most are elegant and classy, alongside pictures of women in floral dresses. Sprinkled here and there, a handful of images of girls looking fierce, with words such as “boss” and “queen”.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (10)

According to Wikipedia, “traits traditionally cited as feminine include gracefulness, gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity, though traits associated with femininity vary across societies and individuals, and are influenced by a variety of social and cultural factors”.

Seems to me like the definition of feminine is a societal and deeply personal construct.

If you associate femininity with appearance and a set of behaviors that include long hair, grace, elegance, gentleness, soft manners, a certain musicality of the voice, fragility (if not weakness; God, I’m having visions of Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), etc. Then you’ll probably reach the conclusion that a shaved head is NOT feminine.

Assuming a buzz cut gives off a vibe of boldness, strength, and non-conformism… then it would imply that the simple act of shaving your hair is non-feminine.

But, can’t you still be gracious, elegant, poised, etc. with no hair? Of course, you can!

These attributes and behaviors have nothing to do with hair.

You can have a shaved head and still be graceful, elegant, or even sweet.

Also, and probably most importantly, you don’t have to be an ingénue to be feminine. You can be strong and feminine, bold and feminine, daring and feminine.

There are multiple types of women. And thus, femininity takes many shapes and forms.

So, can you be feminine with a buzz cut?


And no.

It depends on your definition of what feminine is. But in my humble opinion, it has little to do with your hair.

(BTW, how many girls with hair would you actually describe as “feminine”?)

Now, there are certain things that can make your buzz cut more or less “feminine”, in the sense that it will look more or less like a man’s cut.

To avoid “looking like a man”, I’d suggest staying away from:

  1. Intense fades
  2. Hard angles

Exhibit A.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (11)

But hey, even with her sharp angles, Grace Jones is sexy. Who cares? if she’s feminine or not.

So, just experiment and see what you like.

The real issue is, you are probably scared that people will think you look like a boy with a buzz cut.

I feel you. But, here’s the thing.

First of all, it’s mostly in your head. People don’t think about you as much as you think.

Second, if that happens and someone actually tells you that you look like a boy, that’s just ONE person’s opinion out of tens, if not hundreds of people who DON’T think you look like a boy.

But third, and most importantly, so what if you look like a boy! Is that really so dramatic?

I mean, take Ruby Rose for example (she’s an actress in Orange is the new black). She looks more “masculine” than “feminine” (well, in OITNB anyway… I don’t know in real life).

But she is still beautiful.

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (12)

Oh, and just so you know, ever since shaving my head, I’ve received a lot more interest from men than I did with hair.

If you are affraid you won’t be attractive with a shaved head… well, sometimes, a shaved head is sexy too.

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Now, if you are not convinced by any of this, then, go ahead. I give you permission to wear as many pink bows, flowers, and glittery barrettes on your shaved head as you can, to make sure you remain feminine. And don’t forget the flowery gowns and pink nail polish ????

Just, please, have fun, and refrain from saying negative things to yourself because of your appearance or your hair.

And remember, whether you go for the pink “girly” look, or a white tank and leather jacket, you will be beautiful with (or without) a buzz cut as long as you stand straight with confidence (and radiate kindness).

And finally…

What should you wear with a buzz cut?

Well, in case you missed my previous point: precisely what you damn please!

If you don’t know what that is, then start by looking for what suits your figure and lifestyle preferences the most, and go from there.

I personally think that what looks good with a buzz cut is:

  • showing some skin (shoulders, neck, some cleavage)
  • neutral colors like black and white (but who cares! Neon green is fine too).
  • NOT all baggy clothes, but a combination of loose + fitted (ex. Loose pants, tight top).
  • Clothes that FIT you. I can’t stress this enough.

And from there, what makes you look good, whether you have a buzz cut or not, has to do with basic hygiene, taking care of yourself (exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep), wearing clothes that suit your body (or at least your style), and being confident.

Don’t try to hide from the world; stand tall, and that alone will make you look good.

You’ve got this!

How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (13)
How to make a buzz cut look good? (No, it's not with a wig) (2024)


How to make a buzzcut look better? ›

With the buzz cut, it is important to find the right length. Keep it short and sleek for a challenging look, or slightly longer for a relaxed look. Brush your hair from front to back for extra control and smoothness. For example, rub a little cream through your hair for a sophisticated finishing touch!

Why don't I look good in a buzz cut? ›

On the flip side, if your jaw is more narrow than your forehead, a buzz cut can leave you looking like an alien. Fortunately, you can add a beard to fill out your jawline. Buzz, burr, and butch cuts all work great for round faces. For the crew cut, take the fade a little bit higher to give a more oval appearance.

How to give yourself a good buzz cut? ›

From front to back, run the clipper in smooth, straight strokes across the top. If you see unwanted cut lines, go back and blend with an upward motion. To touch up the sides, take your time and use concise strokes. You can always use the ear trim guides to build your confidence around your ears.

How to fix your buzz cut? ›

Trim your hair every 10 weeks to keep the sides and back shorter. Tapering your hair slightly near the temples and neck will give it a natural, face-framing look as it grows out. Go to your barber or hairstylist to get this done by a professional, or use different blade lengths on your own clippers to try it at home.

How to add texture to a buzz cut? ›

A5: Yes, you can add texture to a buzz cut. Use a texturizing product like a light wax or pomade. Apply it sparingly and use your fingers to gently tousle the top of your hair. This technique works well for slightly longer buzz cuts.

Is a buzz cut attractive? ›

Buzz cuts are not only fashionable but also practical. With minimal upkeep required, they offer convenience and ease, which many girls find attractive. Plus, the clean, low-maintenance look of a buzz cut can accentuate facial features and give off a rugged, masculine vibe that appeals to a wide range of preferences.

What are the best features for a buzz cut? ›

Those with evenly proportioned diamond, square, or oval shaped faces will suit the look the best. If you don't fall under that bracket, you may still be able to pull one off, but it'll more than likely require some creative use of beard grooming to square off your jawline.

Do buzz cuts make you look older? ›

A classic buzz cut is a great option if you're looking for a no-nonsense, low-maintenance haircut that will help you look younger—and focus all the attention on your other handsome features.

Do buzz cuts look bad with thin hair? ›

The buzz cut works for any sort of hair, thinning or otherwise. But in the case of losing your hair up top, it's an easy one for hiding the problem. A buzz cut also masks a receding hairline, as it makes the entire hairline less obvious. It's also one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain.

What should I ask for for a good buzz cut? ›

The best way to ask for a buzzed style is to request the style by number. "Ask for the guard number you want as your haircut," Marinaro says. "For example, a number 3 guard all over." This will ensure hair is cut down to 3/8 of an inch, similar to what is pictured on actor Dave Franco.

What does a 4 buzz cut look like? ›

A number 4 buzz cut stands out as a popular choice among men seeking a neat, low-maintenance hairstyle. Characterized by using a hair clipper set to guard 4, this cut leaves your hair about 1/2 inch long, offering a clean yet rugged look that's incredibly easy to manage.

What does a 3:2:1 haircut look like? ›

A 3-2-1 buzz cut has a No. 3 guard on top, No. 2 on the sides, and No. 1 around the edges.

What is the awkward stage of a buzz cut? ›

The “a*wkward stage” occurs when you have decided that you no longer want short hair and you will instead grow it out. Everyone's awkward stage is a bit different depending on their styles, but inevitably, you will find that your hair looks shaggy, uneven, or simply messy at some point in the process.

Does buzz cut reset hair? ›

If the desire to “reset” the hair is also a wish to see hair regrowth, a buzz cut will not magically make room for new hair to replace hair that has been lost due to genetics, the continued wearing of a certain hairstyle, an infection, or medications.

Why is my hair spiky after a buzz cut? ›

“Almost everybody's hair grows either clockwise or anti-clockwise so make sure you are styling how it wants to go as opposed to the way you have always worn it (a common mistake),” Mills says. “This can lead to it sticking up.

How do you grow out a buzz cut nicely? ›

How To Grow Out Your Buzz Cut
  1. Keep the back and sides tapered down. What can happen when you're growing it out is that it can look a little round. ...
  2. Visit your barber every two weeks. ...
  3. Use products. ...
  4. Make sure you're styling it the right way. ...
  5. Get it to lie flat by using a hairdryer. ...
  6. Finally, remember it takes time.

How long does a buzz cut take to grow out? ›

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding on a buzz cut is having a good idea how long it will take the hair to grow back after the haircut. Depending on the length and amount of hair that is cut, it can take up to a year for the hair to fully grow back to its previous length.

How do I know I'll look good with a buzzcut? ›

The best and most reliable way to see how you would look with a buzz cut is to consult your barber. Your barber is a professional who can advise you on the best hairstyle for your face shape, hair type, and personal style. Your barber can also show you pictures of different buzz cuts and how they would look on you.

Do you put product in a buzz cut? ›

For all hair types, hairstylist Emilio Uribe recommends the same product: cream pomade. "All pomades are recommended for a buzz cut — I really don't like to use gels or other products that are not pomades." This will add some shine to your hair and hold it in place without making it stiff or stagnant.

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