15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (2024)

Pocket watches are classic and practical. Here are fifteen of them that we recommend checking out!

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (1)

Some might argue that pulling a pocket watch from your trousers or jacket is more sophisticated than checking the time on your wrist.

One thing is for sure: a pocket watch is more of a statement piece. Since adding effortless style to doing everyday things is one of life’s delights, you might want to give pocketwatches a chance.

Besides, everything in fashion is cyclical, so I wouldn’t be surprised if pocket watches were back in vogue in the future.

In 2014, Sotheby’s sold a Patek pocket watch for $24 million, making a bull market out of vintage watches. More importantly, it brought attention to a still-thriving culture around vintage timepieces for watch-lovers of all ages.

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15 of the Best Pocket Watches

We’ve rounded up 15 pocket watches for your consideration. While some are expectedly classic, others are pretty bold and even modern. Even today, you’d be surprised at the wide range of styles of pocket watches available.

Gotham Gunmetal Railroad Pocket Watch

This Gotham timepiece puts a playful spin on the classic railroad pocket watch, but the simple case and gunmetal construction keep it from looking costume.

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The free-floating Arabic seconds feature pops of bigger red numbers for every increment of five. This contributes to the zig-zaggy aesthetic, which is also seen in the Gotham Railway Classic appellate.

The spade hour hand and standard crown-and-bow are traditional pocket watch design features that contrast with the overall style, giving the piece an almost Wonderland-like irreverence.

Ultimately, this is a fun-looking watch, so modern it even runs on a quartz movement.

Rapport PW94

From the London-based masters of luxury watch winders comes the classic PW94 pocket watch. It’s an open-faced timepiece with a gold case, complemented by regal blue hands — a time-honored combination.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (3)

The thin Roman numerals and unlined small seconds subdial offer a lot of negative space, giving the dial an understated look.

It runs on a 17-jewel hand-winding mechanical, which cinches the traditional approach. Plus, the only thing chicer than pulling out a pocket watch to tell time is operating its movement.

Longines Heritage L7.

Yes, Longines makes pocket watches that are equally as classy as their wristwatches.

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This Heritage watch’s polished and lacquered white dial is adorned with wide Roman numerals so close together that it gives the watch a bold look while also making it extra legible. The fully-outlined small seconds subdial helps with this too.

This timepiece is powered by the Swiss-made Caliber L513, which at 21,600 vph, is a fine balance of durability and accuracy.

Bulova B2662

Bulova is known to pull from their archives, so it makes sense that they offer some excellent pocket watches. The B2662 is a dressy timepiece at first glance, but it actually features some utilitarian qualities.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (5)

The three-stepped bezel adds a subtle touch of complexity and extra surfaces for more shine. Meanwhile, the short bow and crown are comfortably unobtrusive and dial down the opulence of the watch.

If you’re looking for a pocket watch that visually sits somewhere between decorative and pragmatic, the B2662 is the perfect balance.

Speidel Satin Pocket Watch

Another modern quartz timepiece, the Speidel Satin Pocket Watch’s slick and classy look comes from its clean lines and faint use of texture and light.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (6)

The silky main dial is slightly less shiny than the two subdials, while the sword hands and stick indices are stylishly sterile. Even the Arabic three, six, nine, and twelve are long and thin.

The brushed satin case is engravable, equipped with a fun push-button crown, and is attached to a timelessly cool diamond-cut curb chain (it’s also removable for those of you who aren’t into curb chains).

Fort Tempus Concealed Pocket Watch

Fort Tempus on Trendhim makes many pocket watches worth looking into, but this concealed pocket watch is a real showstopper.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (7)

It’s actually only “concealed” until you pop the cover open to reveal a completely bare-all dial design. The center dial showcases the beautiful gold-tone movement, framed by embossed Roman numerals. Even the dial hands are sufficiently Baroque.

Notably, the crown and bow are on a two-step podium giving it an elongated scepter-like look. It sort of serves as a hint of what lies behind the unassuming dial cover.

CakCity Digital Pocket Watch

This CakCity Pocket Watch is so modern, it has a digital face and basically all of the essential functions of a G-Shock.

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It’s designed for fishing, so it comes with a barometer, altimeter, and weather forecast components like a storm warning feature. It has both a non-bright lume for dim conditions and an EL backlight for total darkness.

It doesn’t have the classic charm of a traditional timepiece, but it’s tactical, useful, and still just as fun to take out of your pocket when checking the time.

Daniel Steiger American Luxury Hunter Watch

There’s absolutely nothing simple about this gilded, highly-adorned pocket watch. If you’re looking for a major look-at-me device, the Daniel Steiger Hunter Watch, with its 18-karat gold-plated styling, is for you.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (9)

It’s embossed throughout its entire body, including on the bow and crown, with a Federalist-style American eagle on the front.

It runs on a precise quartz movement and features a crisp white dial with Roman numeral markers for every hour and a day-date window at the three position.

Tissot Savonnette

The Tissot Savonnette is a sophisticated mix of stately old-world features and clean, modern ones. For example, the simple bezel, stick hands, and matte white dial look sharp and uncluttered.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (10)

However, there’s ornateness to the Roman numerals and decorative bow and crown. Even the dial cover features tidy vertical texturing, balanced with smooth surface accents.

Tissot makes this watch in stainless steel or brass and with a quartz or mechanical movement.

Frederique Constant Manufacture

A true gentleman’s timepiece, the Frederique Constant Manufacture’s delicate details come together in a non-flashy way. It’s downright aristocratic.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (11)

Specifics like the tie-around style of the bow, the Breguet-esque hands, and the micro-diamond textured dial add distinction without taking away from the classy look of the watch.

It runs on a hand-winding caliber, has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and comes in rose gold or silver-toned colorways.

Jean Pierre of Switzerland Full Hunter

The Full Hunter from Jean Piere of Switzerland looks similar to the Tissot Savonnette.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (12)

It uses ornate features but uses them sparingly for an evenness of traditional and modern qualities. However, the small seconds subdial gives it a more practical, railroad-like aesthetic.

On top of that, the body of this pocket watch is chrome-plated. It’s harder, more durable, more corrosion-resistant, and even easier to clean, compared to non-treated metal. It’s also noticeably shinier for an almost dark platinum look.

Tissot Bridgeport

A visual and functional complexity, the Tissot Bridgeport is a double-sided fully see-through pocket watch. And, it’s a true gift to the horologically curious.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (13)

The back cover and front cover can butterfly open, revealing the dial face and the front of the movement on one side, and the 100% exposed back side.

You can see everything, from the rotor, to the beautiful gold and silver mechanisms, and to the glistening jewels. The use of gold accents throughout the body ensures that the decorativeness isn’t just limited to when the dial covers are open.

Stuhrling Original Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling’s Original Skeleton is the standard-bearer when it comes to see-through watches.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (14)

Striking an effective balance between the concealed Fort Tempus and the high-energy Tissot Bridgeport, the exposed front and back of the OS come with thicker frames, giving you a peek at the movement from both sides.

It’s certainly a generous peek (this isn’t an understated watch, by any means). But for a full skeleton timepiece, few watch models are as equally whimsical as they are classy.

Audemars Piguet Classique

A genuine piece of handcrafted art, the 637-component Piguet Classique will set you back about as much as the median price per square foot of a Manhattan home.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (15)

Similarly, there are often wait-lists and elusiveness on the secondary market.

Still, with its reliable and unkillable hand-winding movement, exquisite yellow gold case, and labored-over dial details, it’s one of the market’s most notable and go-to grail pocket watches.

Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

The brand that launched the still thriving vintage scene, Patek Philippe’s standard modern pocket watch, is simple but timeless and, importantly, versatile.

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (16)

As far as pocket watches go, they don’t scream for attention. The most basic version features a dotted seconds track, flawlessly applied Arabic numerals, and a minimal subdial.

With its precious metal construction, immaculate finishing, and superior movement, though, Patek pocket watches are akin to functional high jewelry—and are an excellent investment piece.

FAQs About Pocket Watches

Still have questions? These answers might help:

Who Makes the Best Pocket Watch?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Bulova, Stuhrling, and Tissot make several heritage designs, many of which fall in sub-$100 price points. Patek Phillippe and Audemars Piguet are known for luxury pocket watches, equal in caliber to their wristwatches.

What Are the Best Antique Pocket Watches To Collect?

All of the heritage watch brands built pocket watches at some point in history. The secondary market offers beautiful revivable pieces from Omega, Rolex, Piguet, Blancpain, and Patek.

Going further back, the now-defunct Elgin was the largest-producing American watch company, so it isn’t too difficult to find their pocket watches floating around as well.

What Is the Most Valuable Pocket Watch?

In 2014, Sotheby’s sold the Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch by Patek Philippe for $24 million.

Are Pocket Watches Worth It?

Yes, they’re arguably just as stylish and functional as wristwatches and come in all price points. If you’re interested in adding a pocket watch to your collection, you’ll likely find one that falls within your personal style and budget.

Classic and Practical

Ultimately, pocket watches and wrist watches are the same: they both tell time, and they’re both unnecessary in a time of ubiquitous cell phone use.

So it’s really just a matter of wearing (or carrying) what makes you happy.

After all, it takes just as much effort to pull your phone out of your pocket to check the time as it does a pocket watch.

Unlike phones, though, pocket watches are stylish and have the potential to become an instant family heirloom.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

15 Pocket Watches for Guys That Appreciate Classic Style (2024)


Why did men stop wearing pocket watches? ›

In men's fashions, pocket watches began to be superseded by wristwatches around the time of World War I, when officers in the field began to appreciate that a watch worn on the wrist was more easily accessed than one kept in a pocket.

How can you tell if a pocket watch is good quality? ›

Here are 5 characteristics that can quickly distinguish a quality pocket watch:
  1. Jewel Count. Movements with 17 or more jewels contain hole jewels for the entire gear train, giving the movement improved accuracy and longevity. ...
  2. Screw-set Jewels. ...
  3. Micrometer Regulator. ...
  4. Double-Sunk Dial. ...
  5. Adjustments.
Jan 21, 2015

Does anyone still use pocket watches? ›

Today, pocket watches are a special category in the world of watchmaking. Although these watches are often considered collectible items or vintage fashion pieces, their daily use is relatively rare.

What watches appreciate in value the most? ›

Rolex and Patek Philippe are generally considered to be the top most collectable luxury watch brands, and the most likely to hold and even appreciate in value over time due to brand recognition, exclusivity, complications, popularity and craftsmanship.

Which watch is most likely to appreciate in value? ›

Some timepieces will sell for much more than was initially paid for them, whilst others may decrease in value. This often depends on the brand, movement and materials of this timepiece. Brands such as Omega and Rolex have been deemed the most likely to appreciate in value over time.

How should a man wear a pocket watch? ›

Pairing a pocket watch with a waistcoat is one of the classic ways of wearing a pocket watch. The pocket watch should be placed in the pocket that is opposite to your dominant hand. This way, your dominant hand is kept free whilst you are reading the time.

Is it OK to wear a pocket watch? ›

You don't need a formal occasion to wear a pocket watch. It can add a classy twist to a smart-casual outfit, and can even be paired well with jeans. . It'll depend on your style of pocket watch as to whether this look will work. It's most effective with larger clock faces or more simple designs.

Why do men not wear watches on their right hand? ›

As a rule of thumb, most people wear a watch on their non-dominant hands. On the left hand for a right-handed person and right hand for lefties. The reason is simple, people don't want to mess up between the watch they wear and the things they do.

Is an old pocket watch worth anything? ›

Older pocket watches tend to be more valuable than their modern counterparts. When they were first introduced, they were often handmade with gold or silver. and inlaid with precious gemstones. Later on, stainless steel became more readily available.

How many jewels should a good pocket watch have? ›

Understanding Jewel Count

A 17-jewel count is considered to be fully jeweled but some brands go up to 21 jewels for added reduction of positional errors. Vintage watches with lower end movements, typically models from before the 1970s, often only feature 5 or 7 jewels.

What pocket watch has the most complications? ›

Back in 2015, on the occasion of the brand's 260th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin unveiled the Reference 57260, a pocket watch made-to-order for a collector considered the most complicated in the world – with no fewer than 57 complications, including Gregorian, Judaic, and lunar calendars.

What is a dollar pocket watch? ›

A dollar watch was a pocket watch or later, a wristwatch, that sold for about one US dollar. A Waterbury dollar watch A dollar watch featuring a replacement crystal and dial; the dial, like most all dollar watches, is paper.

How to wear a pocket watch in modern times? ›

We suggest using the pocket opposite your dominant hand to make checking the time easier. If you're wearing a button-down dress shirt, you can also loop the chain through one of the lower buttons on your shirt. And if your pocket watch is small enough, use the small pocket inside your pocket to hold your timepiece.

What is the most expensive pocket watch? ›

The most expensive pocket watch ever sold at auction is the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication, fetching US$23.98 million (23,237,000 CHF) in Geneva on 11 November 2014.

What is the most valuable watch? ›

The 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World
  • Graff Diamonds Hallucination: $55 million.
  • Graff Diamonds The Fascination: $40 million.
  • Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. ...
  • Breguet Grande Complication Marie Antoinette: $30 million.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette: $26 million.
  • Chopard 201-Carat: $25 million.

Are vintage pocket watches a good investment? ›

The scarcity of certain models of antique pocket watches is a key factor that makes them a great investment. As collectors gradually acquire these unique pieces, their supply can become limited, driving up demand and ultimately increasing their value over time.

What is the oldest pocket watch ever found? ›

The Pomander Watch (1505)

The Pomander Watch, also known as the Watch 1505, is heralded as the world's first watch. Crafted by Peter Henlein, a German locksmith and watchmaker, this timepiece from the early German Renaissance period represents the dawn of portable timekeeping.

What makes an Elgin watch valuable? ›

Elgin watches that feature intricate designs, precision movements, and high-grade materials are generally more valuable than those with simpler features. The movement inside an Elgin antique watch is particularly significant. Elgin was renowned for its accurate and reliable movements, which were often made in-house.

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